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Sell or Trade-in Your Equipment

Alltest will purchase your old equipment for cash or credit towards a new unit. Selling your equipment to Alltest allows you to stretch your capital equipment budget for acquiring newer, more efficient test and measurement capabilities.

To request a quote for your used T&M equipment, please complete our dedicated trade-in request form at the link below.

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Calibration and Repair Services

If you are interested in Alltest's calibration or equipment repair services, please complete our dedicated calibration/repair evaluation form at the link below.

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Equipment Purchases and Rentals

If you are interested in purchasing or renting test and measurement equipment, a great place to start is by searching our extensive online catalog. You can submit a pricing inquiry for a specific item or even complete a purchase directly through our eCommerce platform.

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However, if you need assistance with finding a specific model or would like some guidance in selecting the right tool for your project, don't hesitate to call us or complete the online contact form below.